Agatha Guilluame
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Mar 5

Most of the elderly black folks in my neighborhood are -only- know by nicknames. It’s only when they die and the obit is published that I finally learn their real names. Read more

Feb 12

I’m glad he came out on top but I wish when police misconduct happens, the officer(s) in question have to pay back the lawsuit. Not the taxes people pay 

Dec 3

They never asked themselves if the memes caused the mistrust or if the mistrust caused the memes. They just chose to assume that the memes were the cause, not the effect.

Dec 3

This 100%. The article is credulously predicated on the idea that some critical mass of internet users understood “Kamala is a cop” to mean, like, literally that she’s a cop. Or that she REALLY bid adieu to a bus full of prison-bound mothers with a wave and a touch to the heart. I mean, to even include that latter Read more

Dec 3

You could’ve just asked people in the breakroom - educated, reasonably informed multiracial group of millennial people on the left - why they didn’t support her for president. They didn’t - we didn’t. “Kamala is a cop” was widely understood to be shorthand referencing her prosecutorial record instead of just a low-info Read more

Oct 25

Wait, I thought he dumped his baby mama and 2 kids for the Koven. 

Jul 9 2019

We already know the history of this country. But we know what got ramped up after that date. That’s it.

Jul 9 2019

I’ve seen so much worse on white people (men and women) down here in the 9th level of hell. No one would flick an eye at her if she was white woman wearing that. Policing of black bodies with the sole goal of humiliating and demeaning us for taking up space is something that white people love to do.

Jun 30 2019

How is this a problem? Kamala Harris is a distant descendant of a slaveholder who raped his slave. Her deep ancestry is both sides of that event. Read more