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12:55 PM

Yeah the real red vines aren’t a brand of candy. That’s why I said “But based on the debate it looks like someone took off brand Twizzlers and branded it Red Vines which confuses it with red vines, which is usually made by boutique candy shops and sold on the east coast.” See my pic below.

12:53 PM

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha the way my life is set up, sometimes you gotta suck a toe hahahaha

12:35 PM

Cameron is a total weirdo. He only speaks in whispers, like seriously, Lauren be speaking to him at regular volumes and he always response with this soft ass whispery voice. 

3:13 PM

Am I bugging or was what Lebron was eating too thick and firm to be red vines? Red vines is limp. Also, food coloring and sugar is trash candy whatever the incarnation but gun to my head, red vines are superior. The real red vines. Twizzler has a hint of big toe in the aftertaste and I have a delicate palette. A lot Read more

1:19 PM

1. The song is lit. 2. What struck me is that none of the adult women in the video are dancing, just some very measured finger gesticulations. Imagine not being able to dance. This song begs for some jukking.

3:24 PM

Oh I get the reference is black reads more Flava and Smooth magazine than Vibe and XXL to me. Vibe and XXL rarely gave you overtly sexy covers, even when it was a female artist whose brand was selling sex appeal. And if they were going for the “girl group” vibe they’d have had the three of Read more

10:31 AM

I don’t get the styling. They either should have dressed them like they were in the same girl group or dressed them as the solo artists they are. Instead, there’s an off-note because Sza look like she’s in TLC and the other two look like they’re in a modern EnVougue.

12:52 PM

I ain’t finish reading this...nucca did you say you were a farmhand? In the 21st century? Are blacks still “farming”? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

12:27 PM

The balls it takes to name your organization the Lincoln Tubman Foundation when you’re definitely the head of your local Daughters of the Confederate chapter. Or maybe it just takes a great sense of humor as you laugh all the way to the bank. The laughter is maniacal, obviously.

10:55 AM

And the strings look like’s rope colored strings. Listen, I clicked the pic to see if it was “festive” but it’s not. It’s a noose. Whoever put it up should be FIRED. Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. Don’t let them do the whole “gee it hurts me to know I hurt anyone by my actions”. LIES. 

3:26 PM

The whole black woman as a “savior” thing is the wrong lens with which to view people’s desire for Michelle to run for office. It’s an easy leap to make because she’s black and a woman and we want her to save us but people don’t just want a black woman savior. They want someone who is strong, competent, intelligent, Read more

3:11 PM

I can’t wait to see this...I hope it ends up on Netflix. I’m not going to reread the tweets because I want to experience that complex stew of bafflement, hilarity, amazement and general “yass bitch” emotions all over again.

1:12 PM

They styled her like they do Adele (not that that style is original to Adele) but Lizzo doesn’t come across as a 1960s crooner the way Adele does and has been marketed. The mod style, complete with her ever present cat-eye (which was birthed in London) makes sense for Adele and seems true to who she was even before Read more

10:23 AM

Um...he 56. You’re supposed to think...but of course it didn’t last. He 56. That’s why I’d include the age in the headline. Great click bait.  Read more

12:14 PM

When he went on that bender at the Bunny Ranch and ended up in that coma...didn’t the sex workers say he’d paid for the wife experience? I dunno what’s on the Bunny Ranch menu and I dunno if he ordered a la carte but apparently, he just spent his time doing blow and cuddling. He just wanted companionship. Was Read more