Alexis Sobel Fitts
Deputy editor, Jezebel
2:21 PM

That’s a good point. I think one of the fun parts of being trans is that, when you do get fired or laid off, there’s always that question in the back of your mind about whether being trans contributed or not. There’s no concrete way of knowing, usually, so it’s just another “maybe”.

11:38 AM

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out in court. I think the fact that they keep firing trans women is indicative of some major issues, but it’ll be hard to prove anti-trans bias in court, given that our laws are set up to protect employers in such matters. Whether Google is engaging in illegal Read more

2:57 PM

It won’t affect you if you’re a major influencer. It will make it harder for brands to find smaller influencers to reach out to. When I was doing marketing for a small food company, we’d look for people with around 10-40k followers and look at the ratio of likes to see how their content performed. Read more