Spamfeller Loves Nazi Clicks
Aug 11

This, by the way, is a bullshit argument about how TikTok is somehow bad. Here are some other Android apps that collect MAC addresses, IMEIs, or other persistent hardware identifiers. Oh, and Google is quite well aware that this is going on. They have been the whole fucking time. Read more

Aug 11

I kind of hated that the article said that (obviously, I used to be and still am somewhat of a weather geek.) Because a straight line wind storm and a derecho are wholly different things in meteorological terms. A wind storm is, well, wind. A derecho is a specific type of system with specific characteristics, one of Read more

Aug 11

Well the problem is, say you have an actual meteorologist locally. That means they will follow AMS and NWS standards. And those standards said they couldn’t call it a derecho even if it obviously was one, because they didn’t have the data to support it. Read more

Aug 10

You should have written more, Alexandra. Because Axelay is actually very much in the vein of Gradius both in terms of game design and music.

Aug 7

Wrong. It’s a DSUB25. It speaks IEEE1284 in this particular case, and can transfer data at up to 2.5MB/sec in ECP mode. The availability of these is absolutely critical on certain systems because certain applications and hardware rely on IEEE1284 HCDs or CAPs.
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Jul 27

We literally not 3 months ago started the strictest ban on plastic bags around. You couldn’t pay for them, you couldn’t even offer them, and you couldn’t bring your own either. So of course, everyone dumped ALL of their supplies of them because it was a done deal. And set up huge displays of $0.50 to $15 reusable bags Read more

Jul 21

It sure would be a shame if people were to call the El Dorado County Environmental Management Department at +1 (530) 621-5300 to report other problems at Apple Bistro like handling food with bare hands, a lack of hand washing, failure to adequately clean bathrooms, re-plating of previously served food, and the owners Read more

Jul 21

Don’t worry, Mike DeWine’s skill set is basically licking boots without looking like he’s licking them. See also his refusal to issue a state wide mask mandate. And his refusal to do anything but lick Trump’s platform heels after a mass shooting in Dayton. And signing a pro-discrimination law that was kept quiet Read more