The Actual RootWyrm
8:13 PM

This claim would only hold water if I couldn’t point to an absolute mountain of paint jobs done using the new low/zero VOC paints that range from ‘half the orange peel’ to ‘glass smooth.’ Read more

8:51 PM

Er, not really. ROKiT is nothing more than Yet Another MVNO/VoIP provider. They’re no different from Boost Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, NetZero, Page Plus, Pond, PureTalk, Ready, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. And like the rest, they’re trying to differentiate. Read more

2:41 PM

The aerodynamic limit is the absolute limit at which the car either cannot generate sufficient power to overcome the air resistance (e.g. Jeep) or the air handling characteristics become dangerous or life-threatening. Read more

6:09 PM

Tom, I was about to scream at you for suggesting a minivan before I actually read. In the future, use a better damn photo. You made the Corolla iM look huge. (Toyota’s the assholes who made all their stuff an ocean of bland sameness.)

11:23 AM

Nope. There’s literally dozens and dozens of places where you absolutely cannot use LEDs for a whole host of reasons. From fire safety to color temperature to RF interference to heat issues. (Contrary to belief, LEDs run extremely fucking hot.) Not to mention conversion cost for many applications. Read more