Ok, ok el video esta bueno!

Groupon dice que le devuelvan su G!

A great example of a game running both way its Pitfall and I think no one had problem playing it! So, I dont get the point!

Is this result to be true, it would be a terrible call. Microsoft should push Bing to customers by showing (marketing) better its features, options and capabilities, but not by force! Read more

And this is way we humans deserve a meteorite crushing earth and killing us all!

Anótenme en los quieren trabajar en Microsoft!

I don't want a google, I want an internet.

Macbook Air and MS Surface are full PC's.. uhmm I mean full desktop cumputer! Chrome OS is just... Chorme OS!! :(

Sadly true, I miss does days when everyday was a personal discovery, not a mass media reference, all people browse the same sites, use the same apps, kind of boring... maybe more money for the industry.. but less fun for us

Yeahh, maybe a prank, but fun!