AC2 - The Now 15 Year Old Jalop
Feb 20

Safest place for my inner child to be, given most other factors. 🤣😈

Oct 1

Steve Jobs is glorified salesman whose actual work and contribution is little more than a couple UI design ideas Read more

Sep 20

I 100% believe that Porsche knew what happened and decided to score on the open net. My dad worked at a Porsche dealership in the 90s as a technician, and even back in the 80s, Porsche was a known troll at the nurburgring. Read more

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Aug 19

Not bad!  When I was 14 I got a Go-Ped, was doing wheelies on that thing with my friends.  Kind of hard on a scooter, but still fun!

Jun 4 2019

tell them to get one of those HID kits that blind everyone and aren’t aimed properly

Jan 28 2019

I agree. Who does that to their fucking grandma?

Someone would be better of sticking a toothpick in a lion’s ass than messing with my granny.