AC2 - The Now 15 Year Old Jalop
Jun 4 2019
Fucking L

Curse the middle aged man from Maryland who owned our GLA before us for getting all sorts of expensive options (on a

May 31 2019
Cleaning day

After years of trying to convince my dad not to go to car washes, we’ve finally started our crusade of only doing

May 8 2019
We listened to half of you

I was convinced by the Oppo community not to buy a Mercedes GLA from copart. Half of you said that copart cars are

Apr 19 2019
I fixed a watch

Today I found this watch laying on the street walking home from school. It was crushed by a tire, had its glass

Mar 30 2019
Sound the alarms!!!!

After months of rallying and lobbying my dad to buy one oover a Lexus RX350 F-Sport, we finally went out and bought

Dec 15 2018
That’s peculiar

I’ve been hearing a whole lot about the Rivian pickup, but no one talks about the Discovery-esque SUV