A.A. Dowd
1:00 PM

A good, brave piece of work. Kudos for writing it.

10:06 AM

Well done. Guess I need to pick the book back up again.

9:44 AM

This is damn good writing, A.A. It resonated with me in many ways. Like you, it seems, I grew up in a household that could be kindly described as volatile, under the thumb of a cruel and violent stepfather and a mother who encouraged and occasionally participated in what he did. And also like you, I first read IT at Read more

9:26 AM

Gonna screenshot this for next time I see a “these AVC movie reviews are too policitized!!!” comment.

10:32 AM

Excellent review, particularly this: “It acknowledges that killing will haunt you, maybe ruin you even, while also wondering aloud if there’s some evil so deep and oppressive and destructive it must be met with violence.” There is a lot of Peckinpah in this movie and that boils it down well. There’s a haunting moment Read more

5:47 PM

“The problem with the new Lion King is that the animals just aren’t expressive enough” Read more

11:23 AM

My favourite gaming moment this year has been thanks to Resident Evil 2. I played the original way back when front-to-back and over again as a teen, so it’s been a unique experience to find things be so familiar yet alien at the same time. I’ve met the “Mr.X” Tyrant for the first time, and juking past him have made my Read more

10:57 AM

I liked Days Gone because Deacon St. John is the most realistic zombie-apocalypse protagonist in video game history. He’s impatient. He rolls his eyes at every request, before begrudgingly agreeing to it. He doesn’t do fucking swamp duty. The second he hangs up his radio, he starts swearing at the person who is no Read more

11:00 AM

Like, how can you be so down on the human experience, A.A. Dowd? Do you even remember how to make love? Maybe Kechiche just had something to say in words that can’t be contained within the soulful bounds of like, grammatical expression? Maybe we are heading towards the end of everything! Did you consider? Did you even Read more

3:48 PM

One of them involves boastful sidekick Snotlout (Jonah Hill) and his weird fixation with Hiccup’s mother, Valka”  Read more

1:38 AM

Rewatching Unbreakable this week in preparation for this movie, I was really struck by how good Willis is in it. It’s a quiet, wounded performance but also one where you feel the bond between him and his son and the basic decency of this guy who really doesn’t understand himself. I wish we got that Willis more often.  

4:15 PM

I saw it. It only really hits “so bad, it’s good” in the last shot. Before that, it hovers, like Dowd said, in “so bad it’s kind of unbelievable.” I kinda dug the first act because it played like a trashy Frankenstein homage, but at that point, I thought the writer would know how to pay it off or knew what a pay off Read more

10:57 AM

I never thought in a million years that I have said a B&W film about a nun in Poland would be one of my favorite films I’ve seen. Ida is so sparse and beautiful and simple in a time when filmmakers overrely on tricky. Read more

2:09 PM

The politics of a lot of movies are muddled enough to count as not really to my liking. But I don’t particularly care for the vigilante-lionizing, pick-yourself-up-by-your-personal-responsibility-bootstraps tone of EQUALIZER 2, but enjoyed it well enough as an old-man action movie. Similar thoughts about SICARIO 2, Read more

4:45 PM

In keeping with his edgy new persona, Lucas Hedges will now only take projects from directors who have the word “edge” somewhere in their names.

12:48 PM

Did they go out of their way to make it as obvious as possible that nobody has a foreign accent again? That frustrated me on the last one until I heard the game's first accent in Colorado and realized it was very intentional.

12:51 PM

This actually makes zero sense because I, the person who reviewed Bohemian Rhapsody, am a freelance movie critic who doesn’t work out of the AVC office, lives in a different city, and is generally not privy to who the website may or may not interview!

What actually makes sense is: I saw the movie and wrote about what I Read more