A.A. Dowd
Jan 13

I finally watched the Joker this week and ended up feeling like it’s a weird movie to generate so much praise and hatred. For context I afterwards watched King of Comedy, and it struck me that what Joker misses is some sort of psychological and/or moral clarity about the character we’re watching. Without that it’s Read more

Dec 3

Ooh thank you for this interview, Dowd! I saw Waves a few weeks ago and Harrison’s performance was mesmerizing (not to mention, he’s quite a looker). Now I really want to see Luce, as it seems to capture that same intensity. I hope he goes on to have a wonderful career.

Sep 7

This is an amazing piece, and real food for thought for me. I never thought about why IT resonated so strongly with me, but I suspect I do now. Read more

Sep 6

A good, brave piece of work. Kudos for writing it.

Sep 6

Well done. Guess I need to pick the book back up again.

Sep 5

I could have written this article. I was a little younger than you when I read It; I think about nine. My father was (is) an abusive alcoholic, and I used to jokingly explain my life with the comparison that while my friends’ families were like Full House, mine was more Roseanne—although that just captured the blue Read more

Sep 5

This is damn good writing, A.A. It resonated with me in many ways. Like you, it seems, I grew up in a household that could be kindly described as volatile, under the thumb of a cruel and violent stepfather and a mother who encouraged and occasionally participated in what he did. And also like you, I first read IT at Read more

Aug 7

Gonna screenshot this for next time I see a “these AVC movie reviews are too policitized!!!” comment.

Aug 1

Excellent review, particularly this: “It acknowledges that killing will haunt you, maybe ruin you even, while also wondering aloud if there’s some evil so deep and oppressive and destructive it must be met with violence.” There is a lot of Peckinpah in this movie and that boils it down well. There’s a haunting moment Read more

Jun 24 2019

My favourite gaming moment this year has been thanks to Resident Evil 2. I played the original way back when front-to-back and over again as a teen, so it’s been a unique experience to find things be so familiar yet alien at the same time. I’ve met the “Mr.X” Tyrant for the first time, and juking past him have made my Read more

Jun 24 2019

I liked Days Gone because Deacon St. John is the most realistic zombie-apocalypse protagonist in video game history. He’s impatient. He rolls his eyes at every request, before begrudgingly agreeing to it. He doesn’t do fucking swamp duty. The second he hangs up his radio, he starts swearing at the person who is no Read more

May 24 2019

Like, how can you be so down on the human experience, A.A. Dowd? Do you even remember how to make love? Maybe Kechiche just had something to say in words that can’t be contained within the soulful bounds of like, grammatical expression? Maybe we are heading towards the end of everything! Did you consider? Did you even Read more

Feb 20 2019

One of them involves boastful sidekick Snotlout (Jonah Hill) and his weird fixation with Hiccup’s mother, Valka”  Read more