Vincze Miklós
1/24/15 4:11PM

I think (based on how she explained it adding crunch) she prefers raw sugar for the texture.

1/24/15 1:23PM

Nearly all Hungarian dishes are loaded with fat - and yet, before the collapse of communism, fat people were a rarity. Trust me, it's not the fat that makes us fat. High fructose corn syrup anyone?

1/24/15 6:07AM

i could feel my arteries hardening just watching that video. Holy crap! But I want to try it so bad.

1/24/15 4:32AM

I love túróscsusza. You can eat it salty or sweet, I prefer sweet. This is one of those strange Hungarian foods to foreigners, that they have to try before forming an opinion. I don't know why AAnna is preparing it with raw sugar, since the dawn of powdered sugar nobody makes this with raw sugar, unless they are too Read more

1/19/15 2:26PM

Highly recommend riding in one the next time you're in the Detroit area @ Greenfield Village / Henry Ford Museum. They have a small fleet newly-built (2003, 100th Ford anniversary) 1914-spec Model T's for tourist rides. Two modern concessions: A catalytic converter, hidden inside the muffler, and an electric Read more

1/15/15 12:18PM

Fantastic video! I spent some time in Budapest and absolutely fell in love with it. The restaurants, the people, the hotels, the HOT, HOT, HOT women. It was a great place to be. I'd love to go back sometime soon.

1/15/15 10:42AM

Beats any Cars & Coffee I've been to. Maté, feel free to throw a Skoda and/or Lada in a shipping container and send it my way.

1/15/15 10:12AM

Budapest just seems like it would be the most Jalop part of Europe.