C.A. Pinkham
Oct 27

Since this is Max “what broken nose” Scherzer - “back spasms” must mean literal scarab beetles crawling around under his skin and chewing on his muscles and tendons, a la 1999's The Mummy. 

Sep 12

Buddy, of course I am not suggesting that. I’m just laughing at him posing as though that’s something he would consider doing, in the aftermath of this humiliating result. The honest thing would be to say “We desperately need those guys, as everyone who watch the 2019 FIBA World Cup can see.”

Aug 2

I don’t think you understand that the executives most likely would fire them if they could, but the reason they can’t is because of the union contract, not because they’re any better than the typical executive.

Aug 2

Yes. Its all but explicit purpose was to form a pretext for telling us to stick to sports.

Aug 2

(They have takes on whether we should continue reporting on other companies, too.)

Aug 2

They may yet (try to) do that! That they haven’t already done it is entirely attributable to fear of our union, not any admirable qualities on their part. Read more

Aug 2

They didn’t “let” anybody. They fought this story and tried to kill it. Only public pressure by our staff and our union prevented them from succeeding. This story exists despite G/O Media’s leadership.