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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

12:30 AM

I think that is the biggest challenge they will have - They have made it too good. They have refined it and perfected it to the point where all the things that give a car character are gone. They really did an amazing job, the question is did they do too much?

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I don't understand the emphasis on "retina projection" that these are getting, like it is some new innovation. Every single display technology in history works by projecting light on to your retina through your eye. That is just how an eye works. Whether it comes from a back light shined through an LCD panel and Read more

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Damn it, another entry in the "stuff I made myself and should have patented" folder. Took this footage a couple years ago with my French Bulldog Bucky with a homemade mount that looks just like this.

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I have a core i7 desktop I use for CAD photo and video editing. I have a Lenovo Yoga I use for on the go editing and even light CAD. What do I have on my couch and what do I take with me unless I am doing serious heavy photo work? A pair of $140 chromebooks for me and my wife, because they are super cheap, have Read more

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Id like to be added too, thanks so much!

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People do something similar on modern 1 and 3 series BMWs, called the golf tee mod. Rather then pull a fuse, you just disconnect the vacuum line that opens the valve in the exhaust, and plug it with a golf tee. Did it to my 135i, takes about 30 seconds, and unleashes a glorious bass rumble from the inline 6 twin Read more

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Kinda but not really. Here is a link http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20121116/BUSINESS/311160032/Twinkie-Victor-Otto-Tomotto-Hostess?odyssey=tab%7Ctopnews%7Ctext%7CHome&nclick_check=1

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Forget twinkies, we have a local restaurant in Rochester NY that makes "Italian Twinkies" which are pretty much the greatest desert ever. Deep fried Italian bread injected with butter-creme frosting in a bunch of flavors with cinnamon and sugar and other toppings. Fantastic.

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IMO, until the technology is there to hide them in real glasses (not quite there yet, but close) you have 2 options. You can try to hide them in glasses and fail, like google glass does, or you can embrace the technology and not try to hide it, just make it look as clean and unobtrusive as possible. I think the Read more

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I haven't seen a Tie in 5 years. I work at a product design consultant, doing industrial design and mechanical engineering, and nobody here wears ties (hell your lucky to get pants) and none of our clients wear ties, even the ones in the huge corporations. Even they have gotten rid of the suit and tie. At best I Read more