Toshi Nakamura
Oct 14 2017

Whenever I see this analysis of the situation, it always feels like people are saying “I don’t care, so long as it doesn’t have an effect on me.” Read more

Oct 25 2016

There’s no dismissing. And this isn’t pure fan wank. There’s a good story here, and the...wait, I wrote this stuff. You must have read it. Carry on.

Aug 31 2016

thats awesome, and we are actually trying to work on another POSTAL related project with him so stay tuned!

Aug 31 2016

oddly enough when we first read the script, this scene was HORRID to read. We are New Yorkers....but ya turned out to be the best scene in the whole movie, not to mention the movie was at least 20 minutes too long! BLEH....missed opportunities

Nov 26 2015

Hot Toys figures are by far the best ones I’ve seen to date. I myself don’t have one....yet. But I want my first Hot Toy(s) to be a special one. If they would only be a bit easier to afford. What I’ve seen a figure from Hot Toys costs about 500 bucks rising. Am I wrong with that? Sadly I do not know anyone who Read more

Nov 26 2015

Don’t worry bro! New Iron Man is releasing soon! Hhahah.
My friend got the Hulk ASAP and I thought it was just another rehash with new pants. Lo and Behold NO it was Hulk with an another upper body! So You get HULK normal and HULK in SMASH POSE!!!!! Did anyoner ever mention if you take off Hulk’s hair you can jam your Read more

Nov 26 2015

It’s a dystopian future where the world is dominated by the rule of work. Those who commit their lives to their jobs to become brainwashed drones are treasured and those who would be parasites, living off the hard work and resources of the working population, are hunted down and forced to find their place in the Read more