Toshi Nakamura
Feb 3 2017

In Japan the practice has an official name on social media: “リセマラ” or “Resemara.” It’s short for Reset Marathon...

Jan 25 2017

It got a very, very limited release in like one or two theaters in California last December for one week just so it could qualify.

Dec 13 2016

Meanwhile, in the Japanese version, interact is the circle button and jumping is the x button... Life is fine. Read more

Dec 2 2016

Next chapter of Rebuild won’t be out for a while... Anno said he was burned out after Q.

Nov 6 2016

“Drumpf’s Twitter account has officially been handed over to less volatile fingers...” → ”Drumpf’s Twitter account has officially been handed over to larger, less volatile fingers...”
Fixed that for you.

Oct 25 2016

Technical Q, Mike: Can you play the PS4 version on a vita via remote play? (seems like a duh questions, but I’ve encountered a game that didn’t have this ability, so I’m curious.)

Feb 25 2016

He’s been notoriously late on his deadlines since his Yu-yu Hakusho days. He’s famously had multiple pages appear in Weekly Shonen Jump in their rough sketch form.

Nov 26 2015

Due to copyright law in Japan, I was unable to post any of the screenshots from the new version as Famitsu has the exclusive at the moment. You can see some of them here.