2 hrs ago

That’s exactly what he does. He’s like that kid in school who always claimed he had a “girlfriend in another town” who no one ever met or even saw. That sleazy wife of his wants him to die even more than I do and his chinless demon spawn children no doubt feel exactly the same way.

4:28 PM

aw man so normal for your wife to not know if you had a heart attack or not and ask you about it after the fact. So chill and relatable and totally how a normal human beings would act/def happened. Like jesus christ he can’t even lie well

3:21 PM

His cellmate was removed, the camera wasn’t working, and the guards all fell asleep. Not suspicious at all.

3:17 PM

So it took them three months to figure out that these guys didn’t check on him? I swear we heard about it that very day.

2:20 PM

It’s a lot easier to kill someone than it is to live under blackmail. Especially someone nobody will miss.

11:42 AM

The good ole ‘poor people acting as whipping posts for the rich and powerful’ tactic. I’m sure that will teach everyone a lesson. 

11:04 AM

Tbh, I think the likelihood of Epstein killing himself is about as believable as Jamaal Kashoggi sawing himself into duffle bag size pieces for a more comfortable trip home, or Boris Nemtsov shooting himself four times in the head heart and liver while out walking with his girlfriend after organizing an anti war Read more

10:21 AM

don’t forget about the cameras that malfunctioned conveniently outside his cell

10:12 AM

I still can’t get over two—TWO—guards “falling asleep” on their shift. Who came up with that excuse?!

9:57 AM

Yeah, off the top of my head I can’t think of a single newsworthy thing going on in politics. Oh well. Looks like The Slot is the next on the chopping block. 

8:42 AM

He’d be wildly popular among those “evangelicals” but they’re already 90% in the tank with the Republican Party, so that wouldn’t amount to much of an advantage for him, and for the rest of the voters he’ll fall right in the “uncanny valley.” Is Pence human? Is it a robot? I can’t tell!

3:55 AM

Trunp didn’t create any of those positive stats. Trump has done nothing but drag out nation’s name through the mud and left brainwashed dopes like you in his wake. Now, the adults who know how to read and interpret reality are gonna make sure you MAGA scumbags are VERY uncomfortable. Are you white like me? You sound Read more

6:17 PM

I’d think you’re pretty unlikely to get an STD from a porn star. Aren’t they tested constantly? 

4:55 PM

I hope the stress of the impeachment trial causes him to start screaming obscenities and incomprehensible almost-but-not-quite words at the nearest camera until his handlers drag him off to his safe space. Read more

4:30 PM

they have a strong team this year. maybe they can give 110% and go all the way