That Lamer
10:05 PM

As someone who knows what and who both of those things are, I stand with Lady Gaga.

12:32 PM

What do you mean? Obviously it’s about video games! Just look at those slumped shoulders, arms dangling down to his crotch off screen. I mean yes, he could be furiously masturbating. Maybe carving out a pumpkin. But! It’s a gaming comic, so obviously he’s holding a video game controller. Thus! It is about video games. Read more

7:22 PM

As the article says, you begin the red war (base destiny 2) by talking to amanda after reaching the tower. The retooled intro is for newbies to the franchise, who didn’t have established characters and are confused about who the fuck they are, what the tower is or why it matters, and why they should care that this Read more

12:55 AM

Haha what do you mean, Borderlands 3's high quality writing and humor definitely has its finger on the pulse of society, and at no point does it make you want to drive a railroad spike up through your soft palate.

1:16 AM

This is floating around, so rest assured that the wait is over.

1:08 AM

Do you believe he would be alive right now if instead of a twitter mob, he was taken in for questioning by police? Do you think the pressure of jailtime would result in him thinking “well, lets see how this plays out. I’ve got a lot to live for after all, I work in the video games industry.”

10:21 AM

Between the 60+ years of intervention and meddling, and “Operation: Desert Storm” I wonder how many civilian lives were affected by the united states? Do you think it was more than 2500?
Read more

10:09 PM

He reports information. I can only read 10 articles a month before I have to pay newspaper websites. Are they profiting from data they acquired, or are they working professionally as investigative journalists and reporters and getting paid for that work? Jason Schreier publishes his stories on Kotaku, which is covered Read more

9:23 PM

Your warframe figures will never be good because you won’t be able to fashionframe them perfectly. I say this as a long time fan of warframe.

9:08 PM

Yeah. Where’s the licensing deal with Good Smile, Respawn? Where’s my Bangalore Figma?

1:44 AM

Do you also choose to call all gamers violent because a few psychopaths went on shooting rampages, or are your absurd generalizations purely restricted to pinning death threats on people who haven’t made any? We gonna need some #NotAllGamers bullshit up in here?

12:43 AM

Alright, but maybe epic could make their launcher fully functional BEFORE running a scorched earth campaign where-in they snap up a bunch of games that previously announced themselves as coming to steam? I mean damn, maybe make it so my account can’t get easily hacked, or I can add two whole games to a shopping cart

8:01 PM

Solidly team no one here. I’ve seen the internet harassment campaigns play out before, but the ooblet team’s pre-emptive response is incredibly shitty and passive aggressive, and so is telling patrons that they aren’t entitled to any special consideration when they helped fund the game, but can’t actually buy it Read more

6:42 PM

Feral hogs are an ecological concern, far beyond this dude’s back yard? Huh, sounds like a good time to call the department of fish and wildlife, not cousin billy-bob.