Tara Jacoby
Jan 20 2017

Good logo. Good premise. Can’t wait to listen every week. <3

Aug 17 2016

haha.. that’s very sweet! i’ve been good. How are you? I’ll (hopefully) be making an appearance every now and again.

Feb 13 2016

haha thank you so much!! You can always visit me at Vocativ...or instagram...or twitter... or fb. I’m everywhere :)

Sep 4 2015

When I was a kid I had a dream almost every night that I was being chased out of my house by a giant quilt. Every time the quilt would swallow something it would appear on one of the patches. It was always RIGHT behind me. I’d pass a lamp and... POOF! Gone. Cat...Gone. Tree... Gone. Car...Gone. Fence...Gone. Read more