Sep 16

Or "gaming has never been better".

Sep 15

Appreciating other cultures is slowly becoming illegal. Keep this up and foreign representation will be erased from all media, and new generations will think the whole world is American. Is that what we want?

Sep 15

No. Someone was offended on behalf of you. God people are fucking stupid.

Sep 15

As a Hispanic person (though not Mexican), please let me say - those emotes are totally, totally fine.

Aug 3

They still own Spider-Man. Marvel (Disney) had to pay Sony to put Spider-Man in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, for example. Read more

Jul 16

Most credible theory is that with mixer dead, he was in talks with ninja and shroud to start another streaming service with the backing of a well know audio streaming service. Read more

Jul 14

I have yet to find a battle royal that I have enjoyed, they just seems, I don’t know lame. I just find the niche to be over-saturated. I do see the appeal to it tho, something I would love to see if a Melee focused battle royal or something that’s just different. A lot of Ubi games are super uninspiring tho but I have Read more

Jul 14

I played about 5 hours and I realized why it’s not working for me, despite wanting to like it, it’s first-person Fortnite. The weapon handling, the movement, etc., it feels almost exactly like Fortnite. Which, will probably lure in a lot of players, but is not at all my thing.

Jul 3

It’s not going away. As long as the hospitals and ICU’s are not overrun there isn’t much else that you can do. Keep the elderly and at risk isolated. Hope the curve remains “flattened” because it isn’t going away and remaining quarantined as a young healthy person is stupid (you should wear a mask, social Read more

Jul 2

This looks cool and fun but no VR game looks like it’s worth dropping several hundred dollars on gear that’s going to be made obsolete within just a few years when the next gen of games comes out. 

Jul 1

Maybe it really is time we stop giving white people who seek to weaponize the police against Black people cutesy little nicknames like “BBQ Becky” or “Central Park Karen.” Read more

Jun 29

It may be too late for this project, but it’s nice to see Rowling’s behavior starting to gain momentum towards blocking her from any future success.

Jun 24

I know this is just a news piece - however is society really going to start pushing for resignations over family issues and infidelity? - this seems like a step too far. Shady, but not abuse. 

Jun 22

Xbox 360 version of Revenge is truly peak Burnout. Best game in the series.

Jun 22

Ask your Mom for more allowance.

Jun 19

Anyone who takes pleasure in antagonizing another human doesn’t deserve the air they breathe. Read more

Jun 19

They should have waited until they were at full altitude to toss him.