Ron Miller
Jul 23 2017

Even though I’m a little late I will add onto the fact that energy cannot be destroyed. What if the energy will be transferred? I mean we can’t tell if there’s more than one universe (not that I’ve heard of anyway). Maybe it will be transferred to another region with less energy, just to region that we can’t find or Read more

Apr 24 2017

wow...atomic beam... that reminds of the old tales of Atlantis and Lemuria where they had perfected lasers and destroyed their civilizations by using them to fight off some thing. Can’t remember what it was.

Feb 15 2017

Exactly.. Mead is a designer not an Illustrator.

Jan 10 2017

You’re right. NolaCon II in 1988. The group was called, “Beneath Alien Waves” -

Oct 19 2016

A very interesting topic I have some interest in for a while and today came across your blog. In 2015 I photographed this c 1870s lantern slide of the Earth depicted from the surface of the Moon at the Museum of Cinema in Turin Italy. While the luna surface is grossly inaccurate the earth appears surprisingly

Aug 6 2016

Are you talking about the bomber in flight or its take-off? If the latter, Sanger did a large number of experiments regarding that very thing. To discover the best design for the sled, he shot projectiles made of different materials into a curved tube (it looked a little like a particle accelerator). He then studied

May 31 2016

I’m sure I will be in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed a lot the LoEG. Shockingly, particularly for the addition of Tom Sawyer! I found the final scene of Quatermain dying while “passing the torch” to Sawyer very moving, and a great metaphor - although in no way subtle - for the substituition of the British Read more

May 20 2016

Henry Walden was my grandfather. He died when I was 16 and I knew him well. Family lore always knew this device as the first model of a guided missile but it also fits the definition of a drone. It was a missile filled with explosives, released from a plane, and guided to its target by radio waves. I like to think Read more

Apr 26 2016

It’s such a pity David Lynch has completely distanced himself from this movie, it would be cool to see him revisit it. I have always liked it and will defend to any detractors and wish I could let him know. Thanks for sharing all this cool info! :)

Apr 21 2016

Copyright protection doesn’t stop if you don’t personally like the quality of the thing being protected. I, personally, think that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a boring and unoriginal film: should that mean I have the legal right to make my own? Read more

Jan 21 2014

You realize you are wanting the govt to steal the author's rights to sell their own creation?I respect and enjoy the free classics but I did not write them and I would never claim some right to what others create.I also realize someone pays to digitize and catalog these works-nothing is free and I never forget someone Read more

May 21 2012

I'm trying to imagine my father helping my mother this way, and the images are...let's just say I'll keep looking at Judihka instead of painting them in any more detail. She makes a much better rocket warrior princess than my mother, love her as I may.