Feb 11

The milk wholesaler adds value by making the milk much easier for consumers to get. It gets the milk from farms all over the place and moves it to a convenient marketplace. They earn their markup by adding value. Read more

Jan 27

I’ve read that some of the firms/corps that were shorting Gamestop and getting fucked over now are the ones we bailed out back in ‘08. The funds that bankroll some sports teams are involved too. I say good. Just another crack/hole exposed in this stupid system where the “economy” is booming, but people have no money

Dec 30

I love how a girlfriend’s highly specific and unprompted statement, corroborated by a lawyer who also represented the alleged bomb builder, that the guy was building bombs in an identified location is seen as insufficient for a warrant to search said location, but... Read more

Dec 29

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this video. So much so, that I’ve watched it over and over. My favorite part is the lady that says “OOOO, you got yours buddy” but in the end this white man gets to stagger home and so many of us don’t. We’re left with keys in the door and gripping cell phones as we lay dying. I’m sorry, Read more

Dec 29

Moments after the can collision with his face, the door-bell ringing made me laugh....

Dec 29

I stopped breathing at Vanilla Lice and straight up died at Wacklemore. Good god that was beautiful.

Dec 29

I’m sorry, not even then.. for the ENTIRE duration of their shift, the cam needs to be on.. lunch breaks not withstanding, and while I don’t have any desire to see anyone dealing with their biological functions, the cam is NOT going to show THEM.. its pointed outward so it will show the room they are in and hear the Read more

Dec 21

I would disagree with your assertion that the US doesn’t have a left.. it does.. but its a left without much of a voice.. (that’s being overshadowed by the right and the centrists trying to appeal to the right).. Read more

Dec 15

Here’s a cool thing some gamers should try: Every time these people want to make a zero-effort zinger about the industry on a message board, they should take that energy and *go learn to make a part of a videogame instead*. Read more

Dec 15

I definitely assumed something was up on the G-Stop side. I just wanted to bring it to their attention, in case they were unaware of it. Patience is a virtue. There’s zero on the hot-new consoles I’m interested in that I can’t play on PC. 

Dec 14

By what math does that equal a “good deal”?
Console: $500 pre-tax
Games mentioned(assuming 70) and controller: 210 pre-tax
Total = $710

Where’s the extra 100USD coming from? Are you including Cyberpunk?