Apr 18

THEN DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PRICES! This is a pandemic you don’t get to have everything you want at the price you want. 

Mar 7

Oh so you haven’t seen the mk8? They have cut a LOT of corners that made the previous generations such a great choice. These cars aren’t their main focus any longer, the MEB platform costs a lot and they needed to take that money from somewhere; the small hatchback was a pretty easy target.

Feb 29

Man gen-xers are the biggest whiners ever. You’re actually whining about people whining. Fuck off man

Apr 14 2019

What kind of corporate boot licking is this? You don’t blame the airlines for shoving so many seats together, but paying customers for using the seats they paid hundreds of dollars for in the way they were designed to be used. You actually sound proud about spouting this nonsense of “I gladly sit upright for hours to Read more

Jan 1 2019

And so you should! The HHR is as ugly on the inside as it is on the outside. Just cheap GM materials top to bottom

Dec 11 2018

I always thought it was a bit hillbilly engineering when compared to say, the Koenigseggeggegggggger which gets the same power and top speed from an engine half the bloody size as this around the same time

Aug 24 2018

Except that’s not what they promised to do on the go fund me. They said they were setting up a trust, and they didn’t. Since the money has come in this couple has gone on multiple trips, bought a BMW and admitted to gambling with the funds. If they stuck with the original plan that people donated to, there wouldn’t be Read more