Jul 28

Seriously, how many of us are reading this at work and can’t take 5-10 minutes to watch a video? I almost exclusively read this site while I am at work.

Jul 23

I’ll watch him over Scotty ANY day. Jason may have an annoying voice but at least he’s not bouncing around like a tweaker while shrieking about Celica’s

Jun 12

They don’t have a disfunctional government. That must suuuuck... What would anyone ever fight about??

Jun 12

Yeah, up north in my province, a deposit is a legally binding contract. Taking money without providing the agreed service or item is grounds is grounds for a lawsuit, and there’s even a government agency that will do the suing for you.

Jun 9

Normally the losing side of a war no longer has a flag to fly... Why these are still flying is beyond me, but I’m not a Southerner indoctrinated in their special version of history. Read more

Jun 7

We are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. Fortunately, neither of us is hurting anyone with what we’re doing.

Jun 3

Especially for drum brakes! Always try to leave one side assembled for reference.

May 24

So if he cheated playing basketball you would give a shit? Seriously? How about if he was playing e-basketball? Read more

May 12

See my post at the top about the special SULEV engine with the non-serviceable fuel pump.  No further PPI is needed.

Sep 26

I used to use vacuum bleeders, but a lot of times I find they don’t bleed effectively. I highly recommend a pressure bleeder for a couple dollars more, although you may not have the clearance to make it fit on your master.