Mar 30 2017

I grew up in a household that many in my small town considered “suspect” - my folks had moved there from a larger city, they were voracious readers, my dad did volunteer work with addicts, my mom was a professional - so I fully understand the feeling of judgement and rejection. Read more

Mar 12 2017

Yep, I certainly misread your “I am not going to tell you all to conceal carry” statement....

May 23 2016

Mid-engine auto-x truck. The engine already in the bed, so place it in-front of the rear axle. Turn the previous engine bay into a frunk. #BudgetPorscheCayman

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Jan 19 2016

Two-time Dad here. You bring up a lot of points and it’s impossible to distill them into a simple reply that will put you at ease. To put it in perspective, nothing, and I do mean NOTHING will change your life more than having your first child. There are a number of points where people tell you that your life is going Read more

Jan 19 2016

it’s similar to owning a vintage alfa except women don’t think it’s stupid. You have to be crazy in a certain way to love it after all the sacrifice and punishment, but doing it drives you crazy in just that way. there’s kind of a difference between knowing you’re not ready and feeling like you’re not ready. nobody Read more

Jan 18 2016

Let me just say that I love being a dad more than I could have ever imagined. The amount of love that you feel when you first see your baby, it’s... It really is indescribable. I’m not going to blow sunshine up your ass, because it is hard, and even the best kid will drive you completely insane sometimes. In my Read more

Oct 22 2015

I’m actually wiping away some tears from my eyes after reading this. I’m a dad. I love my kids. I love my son with autism. Read more

Sep 4 2015

Came straight to the comments for this.

Sep 4 2015

Snowmobiles are awesome on water, up to the point where your speed falls just below the critical point. From then on, less awesome.

Aug 27 2015

Peter Horbury did some of his best work on the P2 Volvo S60. These still look great today. Volvos in general are some of the most timeless cars on the road.