Ross W. Parsons
Aug 1

For the last freakintime: That thing you keep calling your PS4 is your microwave.

Jul 4

I suppose if I was doing any grinding in a game, it’s Animal Crossing and its many collectibles. I just fished up an ocean sunfish this morning, but I’m checking the shop everyday to try and get the arcade machines. I’ve got the mahjong one, but I want the fighting game version.

May 29

Another reminder that Jirard the Completionist has been using his Twitch streams to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, mostly through his replay of Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. I’m not sure of the specific total, but I know he’s raised over $30,000 so far. Read more

May 20

Yeah, that was basically my expectation as well. I saw a bunch of reactionary chuds suddenly posting clips of Steph out of context, and I knew there was something crappy going on, but I didn’t find quickly.

Should have figured it was just another pointless chapter in the Gamers Culture War!

May 20

I literally could not have said this better myself. In games where I have a choice (which are too few, but for all its other online flaws SSBU is definitely one worth mentioning as getting this part right), I will always pick a lobby where the host has disabled voice chat. If there aren’t any, I’ll create one. (Possibl Read more

May 20

When I first started playing Apex Legends, the ping system that made it so I didn’t have to use voice chat in order to communicate pertinent, relevant information felt downright revolutionary, because voice chat for the longest time has been the domain of every dipshit who thinks anonymity gives them the right to Read more

May 19

I knew something was up the second I saw the standard circus of reactionary youtube gamer chuds all targeting one single person with a laser focus. Like, that’s your immediate clue to know whatever “anger” going on is entirely performative and in bad faith.  

They found their target of the month—and a woman too, how Read more

May 19

things to note,
-it is from my understanding that the driver does not see the price the end user payed for he product
- the driver is payed by the app not the end user, likely covers listed purchase cost, gas, and a bit extra classified as payment
- the driver pays for the product through the app
- the end user pays the Read more

Jan 17

I’m enjoying this puzzle because even though I’m not a raider or a top tier player, I can still contribute by running through the Corridors and sending my puzzle code to a community spreadsheet. Read more

Dec 30

It is always sad when someone young passes away in their sleep. When they are influential it is doubly so. For instance, Marilyn Monroe passed away in her sleep much too young. All we can do is not stigmatize things and do what we can to use kindness and support to prevent as many young people as possible from dying Read more

Nov 20

when most of your games are about war and conflict, of which is a large part in the discussion of POLICY, you don’t have a choice. By nature those games are POLITICAL. Game about Logistics? Tangent to Policy. Game about racing? Tangent to policy? Adventure RPG? filled with Policy? Simple puzzle game with colors? not Read more

Nov 19

“I don’t want politics in my games” just means “I want politics in my games to go unexamined”. And Kotick would certainly like that very much, especially considering the kind of politics his games are peddling.

Nov 19

“I don’t want politics in my games” is, in of itself, a political statement. If Kotick says he doesn’t want politics in the games Activision-Blizzard makes, consider why he doesn’t want you to think about policy in the games his corporation publishes. Read more

Oct 8

at first glance this may seam ridiculous;
1 can’t they use the phone
2 why would a website go through all that effort?

but as a minor web dev I can tell a a small secret, its stupid easy to make a site work for the blind. How easy? you just put tool tips and alt text in for every image and link. programs that read a Read more

Oct 8

The web is marvelously good at being flexible. Changes needed to comply with such accommodations would in no way negatively effect the experience of other users. 

Oct 3

The NRA is a terrorist organization. They’re fucking terrorists.

Sep 5

As someone who doesn’t own a Switch (someday) or Mario Maker 2 but still enjoys these types of articles of the neat creations made in it, I wish there was video more often even if it was just a quick snippet showing off the main gimmick. Sometimes I can find another video, like the first person dungeon one shared a Read more