Aug 4

This isn’t somebody who is charitably campaigning to improve postnatal care for women. She is someone with a product to sell. A reusable water bottle works really well. I am betting that nappies and ice packs are a whole lot cheaper and just as effective as the product she is offering. Read more

Jun 24 2019

I think about the time I posted the Margaret Atwood quote here and got flamed for days from men who thought it of vital importance that I recognize that it is #NotAllMen. They cited examples of all the times they got rejected and didn’t attack anyone (of course they didn’t get rejected very often because they were Read more

Mar 27 2019

Hi, Joannie! There are only two male actor (either supporting or lead) Oscar winners who are still under fifty, currently married, have more than one child and live primarily in the United States (weighing all the specifics of the blind item): Christian Bale (45) and Matthew McConaughey (49).
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Mar 27 2019

Well if you’re ever in DC, you need to go to Baked and Wired. They call them “cakecups” there because the cupcake is mostly cake with a thin layer of icing on top that is just the right amount. Now I’m making myself hungry thinking of the lemon raspberry one or any of the chocolate cupcakes. Also they have coffee and Read more

Mar 26 2019

YESSSSSSSSSSSS. It’s gross! Use it only for show cakes that aren’t meant to be eaten!

Mar 17 2019

The National Park Service still exists in 1916. My fellow rangers used the n-word almost daily. They don’t give a shit about employment law. There’s very much an attitude of, “We ARE the government, so we make the rules, and no outsiders can tell us what to do.” I’ve got stories for hours. All I’ll say is they need to Read more

Mar 14 2019

H should have run for Senate again. I’ll vote for him if he’s the eventual nominee, but he’s not my choice. But I’ll vote for the Democratic nominee no matter what. I’m not expecting some perfect candidate. At this point a bag of rocks would be a huge improvement.

Feb 28 2019

I have found shoes at Marshall’s that had no business being there and that is why I love Marshall’s. I check Marshall’s now the way my dog always checks the back left corner of our backyard fence: once there was a possum there, any day there might be another. Read more

Jan 30 2019

I think ‘P.E’ works better when it’s ungraded, when the activity is aimed at general fitness rather than organised sport, and when everyone does the same thing at the same time so one kid isn’t being singled out. I loathed P.E at school, despite being a sporty, relatively athletic kid (I did both summer and winter Read more

Jan 26 2019

I would happily attend any puppy showers (and avoid baby showers) for the rest of my life!

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