Mar 5 2014

Tamarind is a really big ingredient in Thai cooking, so looking for tamarind pulp at any Asian grocery store will be your best option. Then, we found this recipe to turn that pulp into a juice: Read more

Feb 14 2014

Buzzfeed may say that made that, but that was native advertising. You can see the Unilever logo prominently during one part of that video where one of them is flipping through a magazine. What does Unilever make? Dove. What does Dove make? The nearly identical "Campaign for Real Beauty" ads.

Jan 7 2014

We don't know. If you find out, give us the lowdown, because we want that $150.

Dec 20 2013

1. You can use California brandy if you’re looking for something cheaper. Korbel will work just fine.

2. Using 2 oz of Bourbon works well, too. Feel free to experiment with your own flavor combinations. Rum and brandy work great together, we mix tequila and dry sherry at my bar, but you can always use 2 oz straight Read more

Dec 18 2013

NO. NO. NO. Everyone knows the Immaculate Reception was Franco Harris.

Sep 3 2013

Thanks for the info. That line has been corrected and a note on the error placed at the bottom of the article.