Nov 1 2013

"Monday, Tuesday, 30% chance of those days happening. Watch out for the apocalypse." Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Oct 4 2013

Great article, thank you.

He will be missed. This guy was a true patriot and an amazing writer.

This one's for you, Tom!

Sep 16 2013

A friend of mine was evicted TWICE IN ONE DAY to make room in flop houses so they could rent the rooms to tourists for the Vancouver Olympics. The only solace is that the landlords lost a mint because the tourists rightfully wouldn't stay in flophouses. Google "With Glowing Hearts Movie" to see the documentary trailer Read more

Sep 12 2013

That's part of the church's history, most of the vatican is a museum for all people to see. It's not a palace like you're imagining it. You'd be willing to destroy ancient architecture, or sell it somehow (?) so the church could do what? Completely separate itself from ancient history? Doesn't make any sense.

Jan 31 2013

I loved Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow. And because of those games, I always shoot lightbulbs hoping they break. Read more