12:29 PM

I wonder what the correlation between the american big truck buyer and the american that ignores the quarantine laws/regulations/suggestions?

I’m guessing high. The people I have seen protesting the pandemic precautions are the classic ‘Murica truck type.

8:24 AM

I love Jerry and his comedy, as do I love standup in general so this (and the obvious car connection) hit all the right boxes for me.

So this show started on its own website, then shifted a bit after a few seasons. It became a bit harder to see the individual episodes and they had all these mix-tape style clip montages Read more

11:18 AM

These “underpowered” gen3 MR2 get tons of flack but honestly they’re terrific to drive. It’s a cheap weekend drop-top, a cheap autoX car, or a really cool start of a track build.

NP for sure.

9:55 AM

This show has (on numerous occasions) read my mind. I was starting to think the show was getting a bit too preachy/up its own ass/too clever for its own good with the past couple of episodes (especially the train one which was fantastic). There hasn’t been an episode I haven’t enjoyed thoroughly but this season Read more

9:45 AM

I agree - Seen him a few times in the early 00's - post sitcom, pre... anything after... He is SO dialed in. Not my favorite stand-up that i’ve seen (close), but nobody is that smooth and polished. It was hugely impressive.

8:49 AM

This was one of those episodes where you can just FEEL Dan Harmon flexing on the world at how clever he is. It was very cool, fun and meta as hell, but not the best R&M have to offer. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am always impressed at how unique, ballsy and clever this show continues to be.

9:42 AM

As a teenager, I remember knowing an older guy who had one just like this in the mid-late 90s. They’re much cooler looking in person, fwiw. Read more

9:27 AM

It’s like watching a hellcat autocross. Like, we’re all excited to see it there, kind of curious how it’ll do but it’s really not showing off a single thing it’s good at.

12:13 PM

I don’t like that enormous and bulbous radiator/shroud/lower valance thing underneath it - but otherwise the cafe bike is GORGEOUS. 

12:11 PM

My sister in law has had 2 volts (one just like this and more recently a 2nd gen one). They’re the perfect compact commuter car. I still find that this particular setup in drivetrain is the best setup for an EV. Zero range anxiety when leaving town and all the benefit of any of the traditional electric cars when Read more

3:27 PM

Maybe a Plymouth Prowler - not a great car to drive, but it looks so cool and crazy. Definitely made to pose, so that’d be my pick. I love how absolutely crazy it was for a production vehicle. 

10:11 AM

I think it’s awesome as well! Pretty much what I hoped for and therefore assumed would never actually end up happening. I don’t really like the looks of the 4-door but I get how much more they’ll sell having that option. Read more

9:26 AM

Leave it to C.V.K. to make a 4-seater GT prettier than every other vehicle they’ve ever made. This thing is just AWESOME. 

10:31 AM

I didn’t when I sat in it last month. Had to have my head cocked 30deg to the side and was still touching the headliner. I’m not small, but 6'2" isn’t exactly abnormal and it’s not even close. Read more

9:53 AM

I haven’t liked those twisty wheels on VWs for a while, but since that’s easy enough to swap who cares... The rest of this looks really awesome. There definitely has been only MINOR changes visually in the past few iterations of the GTI - doing more of a 911-esque crawl towards the future once the MK6 came out after Read more