6:19 PM

We had a hell of an afternoon trying to find an appropriate mother-son song. We settled on “Stand By Me” (Ben E. King) and it worked well enough.

10:42 PM

The seniors at the high school where I work did this prank, too. It was adorable. They all paraded their dogs through campus (outside, we have several buildings) and hung out together, then they all took their dogs home and came back to school for the day. The senior class this year was particularly sweet and this Read more

8:12 PM

My husband and I refer to it as Lady Time. I also refer to the gyno, when talking to my husband, as the “Lady Doctor,” which is extra fun when one has a lady Lady Doctor.

9:52 PM

Yep, that was my experience in both directions. No one looked at anything when I was going overseas (to Eastern Europe) and when I was coming back, they were more concerned about the cat food than the actual cat. It was bizarre.

11:24 PM

Ooof, that’s like being called “young lady.” That one makes me crazy.

12:26 PM

Seriously, how much time does Chris Brown have left (like, on this earth, not just in fame)? He looks awful.

7:24 PM

Here’s a question: all reports that I’ve seen (tbh, headlines I’ve seen about this) say that the flag was only down for about 45 minutes. How did the SC capitol grounds crew, or whoever is responsible for the flags on the campus of the capitol, get it back up so quickly? I thought the reason it couldn’t even be Read more

3:24 PM

My mom’s family is from Australia and we visited a few times when I was a kid (when my grandfather was still alive). When I was five and again at nine, I stretched out on the floor in our middle section since my family was in all the seats of the section and slept like a champ for the majority of the flight. It was a Read more

6:02 PM

I’m getting married later this month. Granted, it’s a small ceremony (just 30 family members attending) but I’m only having one “man of honor,” my brother. No bridesmaids. Part of the appeal of such a small ceremony was not feeling the need to have bridesmaids. My mom will do some of the more bridesmaidy things, like Read more

10:35 PM

So what's the secret??? My skin has evolved over time and I'm now stuck with some very stubborn breakouts and I just can't seem to keep my skin clear. I've procrastinated on going to a dermatologist, so I'd love to know what has worked for you!

7:23 PM

Big props to CBS News in Phoenix for really getting into the spirit of the story with their on-screen headlines. It would have been so sad if they were all, "Llamas in Phoenix" or something dull.

10:43 PM

I went to a super fun bachelorette last year, which is something I never thought would happen. The one part that may not apply to everyone is that we got a big boost from the bride's mom - she gave the friend planning the evening a sum of money to cover a nice hotel suite downtown and some snacks/drinks. We met at the Read more

10:28 AM

As someone who wasn't in a sorority in college but went to a school with a big sorority presence (like, 50% of women were in a house) and thus, had many friends in sororities, this email doesn't strike me as batshit at all. It just seemed like a pretty standard email, though with slightly more details than average, in Read more

12:24 PM

So wait, are the bridesmaids walking the corgis down the aisle (like, on leashes) or are they actually *holding* the corgis? Leashed corgis = kinda cute. Held corgis = recipe for disaster and ruined dresses.

12:22 PM

When I read Corgi Corps, I thought of CorpSeCorps, the scary private cops in Year of the Flood. Then I thought of them staffed by corgis. Now I'm just letting the image of the fiercest corgis ever run around in my head. This is a fun thought train.

7:49 PM

...but you can dance to Killing in the Name Of?? I'd have liked to hear him pitch that case.

7:47 PM

Holy shit, that would have been amazing!! I'm sad for you that you didn't get to do something so awesome for such a boring part of the event.

7:44 PM

I'm sure the band could shorten it a bit - the first minute or so could be cut, have the band do a very short intro before singing. Or even just cut out a verse. It's a lovely and super fun song, it'd be great!

3:08 PM

My fiance and I were going to enter the room to Whoomp (There It Is), but then we decided not to have a traditional reception. We almost spent thousands of dollars more just to be able to enter the room to this song. We're still hoping to incorporate it somehow. That bass line is just too good.