Jan 28 2018

Zack Handlen = Neil Degrasse Tyson. He’s not necessarily wrong, but he’s spoiling the fun.
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Aug 27 2017

“Oh hey guy I met briefly years ago. I’m gonna tell you Jon’s parentage, but I’m not going to tell my sisters, for no reason.”

Aug 24 2017

The recaps are not shown chronologically :( 

Aug 23 2017

Ok next question—with the new site layout, what’s the best way to find old TV club reviews? I’m often (ok always) way behind on most shows, but I like reading the AV Club reviews anyway, even if I’m too late to join in the discussion. The old site had that handy “Find shows” drop-down in the TV Club section on the Read more

Mar 2 2016

As a Latina also supporting Hillary: expect nothing but contempt from white commenters here. They know what’s better for us and they are baffled that we dare to think for themselves and have reasons to vote for Hillary. How can we? They know what is better and they don't agree. We must be ignorant!

Mar 2 2016

One of the biggest knocks against her is she’s not a gifted politician and makes mistakes when talking to people off the cuff. She tries to make up for it through hard work, but she slips from time to time.

She’s a competent administrator and decent political negotiator (far different skill than business negotiation, Read more

Mar 2 2016

I’m black and voting for Hillary. #SorrynotSorry. I don’t find this condescending at all. Why don’t you get in government IS the right answer. I’m so tired of all these whiny people running around complaining all the politicians are in someone’s pocket or are “UNAUTHENTIC” . GO BE A POLITICIAN Then. That’s an Read more

Mar 30 2014

"We head through the woods, we don't know who they are"
Yay, a sensible decision for once.

Mar 3 2014

This was such a forgettable episode to such an inconsistent and unbalanced show.

Mar 2 2014

Yeah, Seth has him as band leader. He's still supposed to be shooting Portlandia during this too.

Feb 5 2014

Hey, just because someone was an asshole doesn't mean they weren't a useful asshole.

Feb 5 2014

Eric Gill also "sexually abused his own children, had an incestuous relationship with his sister and performed sexual acts on his dog"! The mo you know!