Chris Kluwe
Aug 4

Man I sure hope Bobby gets a pay raise after this. I heard he was first to sign that petition internally. Read more

Aug 4

I’m the type who plays open world games on all difficulty levels at various points depending on my moment to moment mood, but after playing on lethal, I had a hard time going back. I don’t think it makes the games easier or harder (that varies depending on the context), but it does fundamentally change how I approach Read more

Aug 2

For the record 2020 has been in high gear but we're about to disable the rev-limiter and redline this bitch. 

Jul 29

Correct- I was originally going to write a longer reply addressing this with more than a factoid, but had to move on to other stuff. The core issue isn’t mooching (obviously some of them are just cheapskates) but that they don’t do anything to ensure members of Congress who aren’t rich can afford DC. It mirrors Read more

Jul 29

Alex Trebek: “Star Citizen, Half-Life 3, Winds of Winter, Doors of Stone, functional American politics.”

Jul 29

I honestly don’t care about Winds of Winter anymore. It’s been 8 years since I finished A Dance of Dragons and I couldn’t remember most of the book only plot points if you put a gun to my head. I can’t be arsed working my way through a wiki to get refreshed on the plot points. Read more

Jul 25

You also can cancel out of attacks by hitting block in the middle of the attack, something they don’t really explain anywhere, but which is extremely useful when you’re surrounded.

Jul 24

There is this one brief part in The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring where the Fellowship, stuck deep in the oppressive maze of the Mines of Moria, sit down and take stock of which of the paths in front of them they should take to escape the dank pits infested with goblins, trolls, and all manner of ill Read more

Jul 23

It is time to ban... well, Elon Musk. Lets put Elon on Mars right now. Put him in the driver’s seat, of that roadster. Because he is literally just the worst.

Jul 22

Now if we could make it illegal for the military to spend money on those giant recruitment ceremonies before every football game, that’d be great. 

Jul 11

I think I am all out of outrage. As this site stated, we knew it was going to happen. Trump’s actions are a blatant misuse of power; the people who support him know it and don’t care. Some have posited that this is the end of the Republican party and they are just riding the train, getting whatever they can, until the Read more

Jun 29

I await the flood of SQW’s (that’s Status Quo Warriors) angrily taking to Youtube to create a 3 hour video essay about how Twitch has joined Reddit in their quest for further censorship.

Jun 29

“We do not make exceptions for political or newsworthy content...”

Shots fired at Twitter, which has had its “public interest” exception/disclaimer going strong for the past 3 and a half years to absolve itself of its own self-stated responsibility. Read more