Mar 31

I think there’s a difference between saying “I disagree with this” and “it doesn’t make any sense” - it clearly makes some sense to Nintendo. Again you may disagree with it, but I’m guessing their plan is to create scarcity/exclusivity and use those as a motivator. I’m sure they feel they’ll make more money in the Read more

Jan 29

Williams is arguably the best female tennis player of all time, one of the best athletes ever, and the reason that countless little girls and people of color across the world know the tennis court is a place where they belong. If anyone deserves the money the earned through tournament winnings and endorsements, it’s Read more

Oct 28

Ridiculously specific claims like this always make me laugh because it’s like, who remembers time that precisely at six

May 15

I’m the opposite, I hate the PS4 Pro UI, the menus, all of it is a drag, especially the store. When I first bought it and set it up I took far too long to find all the options and settings I wanted to, also finding games, updates and downloads in progress is just awful, it’s hidden under two menus. The latest UI Read more

Jun 25 2019

I get that you get off on being a nihilistic edgelord—and that you apparently believe both your nihilism (and other, even less intelligent qualities as evinced through your posting history) makes you more erudite/intelligent/observant than the next person—but for the folks who really want/need help who might be sent Read more

May 31 2019

they didn’t half ass anything they created a creative and innovative perspective at an affordable price for a mainstream audience if anyone can make vr mainstream its Nintendo and its been doing well Read more

Aug 9 2018

You know, I’ve seen a lot of people on forums make this point, talking about how this guy squandered his opportunity to use IGN as a stepping stone for a dream job at a company like Apple or Nintendo, and I just want to say: Fuck that. Being a journalist is my dream job, and I hope it’s the dream job for others in Read more

Jul 23 2018

I think the idea is for you to own the consoles with the cartridges and everything.

May 8 2018

if you bought into the switch just on the maybe of a VC, you’re kinda stupid

Mar 29 2018

Counterpoint, the country certainly is fucking itself and this sort of thing can realistically lead to a downfall. Not all of those 1000+ years looked that great.

Jun 30 2017

I know this conversation was over a month ago, almost 2, but I agree with you King Hippo. To the other guys I say the rest....the Switch doesn’t force motion controls at all. It’s optional and the motion controls are way better than the Wii and Wii U. Arms is a fantastic game. Super Mario Odyssey is gonna be Read more

Jun 23 2017

The NES classic is quite a poor comparison. There’s major licensing issues with that and it is likely that it had a limited licensing deal to begin with. Read more

Mar 24 2017

Yeah, like videogames now are common, normal, standard even. But this? This thing is worth the otaku y Kotaku.

Mar 7 2017

People always say this, but there’s no evidence that it would actually be good for Nintendo. They are explicitly tied to their hardware. Their games are designed with it in mind, their philosophy for it lingers in every part. How well has Sega done after they took that route? How well has Atari done? Nintendo would Read more