Jul 5

Masks are the Right Guard to have in place for now, even if they only offer a certain Degree of protection from the virus.

Jul 5

Ban deodorants?  It’s no Secret that it’s Essential for some people to use it.

Feb 28

Came to post this, I honestly cannot believe only 11 people (as of now) paused at that sentence.

Jan 28

The Mustang is less than 150kgs heavier than the 911. Are you sure this isn’t perception versus an objective measurement?

Jan 23

TJ is the correct answer.  For that money you can get a really nice Unlimited and do a few upgrades to it.

Jan 23

I bought a TJ when I lived in the city. Later my wife started driving it. Steel bumpers and rock sliders will protect it from a lot. My wife can park so she never hit anyone but quite a few people bumped her. A few bumpers were punctured by the D-ring mounts on the front bumper, quite a bit of paint transfer on the Read more

Jan 23

My first thought was a TJ.  If the guy is into surfing he’ll be into taking the top off.  Dings are badges of honor and it can basically turn in its own footprint.  Reliable as all hell if maintenance is kept up

Jan 23

I hate tire stretch so much. It is the lamest thing ever. It’s like a large person trying to fit into a coat way way too small for them. Or a clown shoe lol.

Jan 3

And they’re stupid.

Don’t forget how stupid “they” all are. 

Dec 16

During the 80s, the Hollywood profitability ratio was 12 to 1. We made $12 of ticket money for every one of ours spent. During the 90s, that ratio fell to 3 to 1. Our filmmakers had become dependent upon experimentation. They had lost some of their recycling skills. Now, Top Remake was created to teach ACM... Read more

Dec 10

The story at the time (probably apocryphal) was that Liam Neeson was so frustrated with the process of shooting Episode I that he swore off working in film for a year and performed in plays to get his groove back.

Dec 8

Hmm, after seeing her ride the lightning, I half expected there to be some Metallica.