Alice in The North Pole
Sep 15

There are people in my circle who are in the field of politics and who are telling me that currently Republicans are

May 31

Hey everyone. How are you all? The helicopters have been nonstop in Philly since yesterday and we are less than 30

Sep 26

I have been solo most of quarantine - my husband has been across the country dealing with a crisis in his family.

Oct 28 2018

So, I quit my job. And I don’t have another lined up. This is mostly because it’s going to take a while to

Jan 29 2018

Thanks in advance for bearing with me while I hash out some thoughts and vent some frustration.

Sep 26 2016

I had no feelings about the Brangelina split, but this one really gets me. I loved this low-key couple and their

Jun 5 2016

I am going to try and take a brief trip to London in July. I found out that my ex is getting married next month and

May 19 2016

I am imminently facing my first wedding anniversary as a divorced person. Even typing that sentence sends me into

May 18 2016

Today in things that make me absurdly, inexplicably, happy - giant men with tiny dogs. The Icelandic strong man who

Apr 14 2016

It took Sami Miro a whole 10 days to come up with this stuff? Because I could come up with something equally