Jan 5

Oooof. While Just Write is ultimately a lot kinder in their ultimate judgement of TRoS than I am, man do they really do yeoman’s work in detailing out the issues. I mean, stuff like the “people rushing everywhere”, and consequence free story events bugged the hell out of me, but I’d never have been able to describe Read more

Aug 28 2019

Started this last night and it’s all I can think about now.  Time is crawling by while I wait to get out of work and get back into it.  I should have taken the day off...

Aug 26 2019

It’s refreshing to see a game that emphasizes single player story focused gameplay. They’re not exactly crazy rare but feel more special than they used to. Read more

Dec 29 2017

I’m so sick of hearing about the police murdering compliant people in total absence of wrongdoing. I’m even sicker of the fact that they get away with it. Read more

Dec 26 2017

Hell, we had a player in our D&D party who did shit like this all the fucking time. I can’t tell you how many times we’d be sneaking through a dungeon or witnessing some fresh horror from a distance and he’d fuck us. Read more

Dec 15 2017

I think that what is going to piss off a lot of fans is that this basically just ripped up the script and moved Star Wars forward to something entirely new. TFA was a big nostalgia blanket, and this just ripped that blanket off and said “you can’t go home again, and we’re off to something new.” Read more

Dec 15 2017

The Last Jedi makes The Force Awakens a much better movie, IMO. I see TFA as a more pure Star Wars experience and adventure now after seeing TLJ. Plus, to rank any Prequel over it is the real tragedy here.

Dec 15 2017

I can’t believe they killed off Snoke in the middle of the fucking movie and then had Kylo Ren take over the entire First Order. That is such a ballsy move. Read more

Dec 15 2017

Funnily enough, I loved this movie for the exact same reasons you hated it, my dude

Dec 15 2017

I’m surprised and disappointed by the amount of negative fan reaction, especially in comparison to TFA, which I also enjoyed but was a much more flawed film. Read more

Dec 12 2017

********Warning: I’ve seen the film, and while my responses below will not contain spoilers, they will be a candid rebuttal that you may or may not want to read.******** Read more

Oct 9 2017

I found the deliberate pacing to weirdly be a positive thing as well... I feel like a lot of the best, weirdest and most touching scenes in this film would have been left on the cutting room floor in any other hollywood blockbuster film. The film didn’t ever feel too busy to stop and ponder over curious aspects of the Read more

Oct 9 2017

I loved it all the way through with all its little references and in jokes (from 6.10 in everywhere outside US being the premiere date for the film to the rebel replicants and nuBSG cyclons having even more in common now - their obsession with their baby girl messiah) to the whole theme that it didn’t matter if you Read more

Sep 14 2017

I remain thoroughly impressed and more than a little baffled that Blizzard, despite all of their talent, their many years of creating and operating online games, and their tons of money (the Blizzard economy outstrips several whole nations) was not able to anticipate that a fully-PvP, team-based, first-person shooter Read more

Sep 13 2017

Developers can only do so much. The internet is filling up with more and more assholes. You try to call them out on it and they just respond with “don’t get so offended” or “PC police” or say you’re “close minded” or “intolerant” because you tell them to shut the fuck up.

Aug 1 2017

I’m not sure if it’s standalone vs. serialized as much as episode numbers in a season. BSG’s later 20 episode seasons were just too much, especially when they threw in tired one-offs like when Lee fell in love with a hooker or Helo tried to cure a plague. Read more