Pfft, I just did back to back 1040's. Gettin’ that shit done early this year.

Life was the worst. That dumb ending made me laugh so hard.

Nope. You have The Mist in the wrong list - that ending is brutal, haunting and utterly chilling, and the film is all the better for it.

Counterpoint: Sports bars are actually awful places to watch sports, and I routinely go to non-sports bars to watch sports in peace and quiet whilst eating food and drinking beer.

Its a combination of things. But the largest factor is that gymnastics doesn’t have that large of a following. Football on the other hand does, and Penn State was a prestigious school, whose head coach was a living legend at the time complete with statue and everything. Read more

What are you talking about...?...Oh, there’s a guy in that picture!

I’ve already been flamed regarding my (correct) option of Reese’s Pieces today, so I shall refrain from telling y’all what I think of Dave Matthews.

Intentional strikeout question. What about this scenario? Your team is comfortably ahead, it starts to rain hard and it’s only going to get worse. You want to get to an official complete game before the game is cancelled for weather.

It’s satire - that’s why it’s in the comedy category. It’s not really a horror movie, it just uses the horror format and horror tropes to tell its satirical story. Oh, and Kumail Nanjiani is totally gong to win.

you think that men actually want to spend a ton of money on a gaudy trinket? nah. you can blame the “patriarchy” all you want, but the truth is that the vast majority of women expect, or even demand men waste money on the most expensive ring they can get, and then dump another load of money and time into the wedding Read more

Maybe this very old clip will help you understand where some of the skepticism of your ethical standards originated. Jezebel (and Gawker) had legitimate journalism issues. And you know what? So does the NYTimes, WSJ, etc. You are held to higher standards and when you fail, you NEED to be called out on it. A lot of

Here’s the simple fact: The Washington Post did journalism the right way, and Jezebel did not. Read more

I love her but she’s a fucking idiot for leaving out Chicago

Any San Franciscans or Chicagoans here to call bullshit on this list? Read more