Jon Gugala
Nov 3 2017

Make up your damn minds people. I can only cancel/uncancel this Papa John’s order so many times.

Sep 14 2017

Reliable sources inform me that Davydenko clip gets even more impressive when the ball is visible.

Jul 18 2017

I beg you not to promote the always-irritating Dude Perfect. They promote themselves enough with their super-contrived, super-Christian-y, super-corporate empire built on trick shots. I like awesome internet videos like all mammals, but the fact that these guys spend hours engineering the perfect “candid” shot makes Read more

May 12 2017

This is a reminder that a call up to AA would mean Tim Tebow is a proud Binghamton Rumble Pony, which is just fantastic.

May 8 2017

Absolutely heartless, Sarah. I, and surely many others, feel badly for the brands.

Apr 28 2017

This liberal bias is exactly why I canceled my subscription to Deadspin. I just read all the words in the articles and comment sometimes.