Jan 21

Jezebel is horribly wasting a chunk of their salary cap on this D-league troll whose only “talent” is trying to shit on things that no one else ever seems to find any issue with.

Jan 21

Yeah, I watched the whole thing waiting for some kind of big tonal fuckup. It’s not her greatest performance, but it’s certainly not worthy of an entire article’s worth of ire (no matter how satirical it’s meant to be)?

Apr 14

Agreed. And maybe I missed it but I don’t remember her, crying or being sad or even saying she glad that her dead husband at least brought her love of exotic animals in her life. ( I know they didn’t have the best marriage )she talked about her missing dead husband like he was an acquaintance or co worker.

Apr 14

I’m sorry, maybe I’m not reading the statement correctly and I don’t get that this is sarcasm, but this is just not true. Circumstantial evidence is still evidence. Read more

Mar 24

Yeah I thought that was really weird to have here. They took the step when so many corporate landlords aren’t doing shit.  Like why are they being called out here?

Mar 24

I have no issues with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard owning a building and I think they’re being really good landlords by not charging rent for April. It’s decent and I wish my apartment complex would do the same. Read more

Mar 19

Are they seriously asking their on-the-ground employees to confront law enforcement and defy a lockdown order?

Feb 6

if shakira gets sued she won’t have to swear under oath, since her hips don’t lie

Dec 9 2019

Maybe you should consider suing Elon for $190M over this incident, like that pedo guy loser who you wanted to steal your freedom of speech? Seriously, it takes a completely surrendered slave-mentality like yours to write an article like this — which gives Tesla free press, BTW, thank you! I hit stupid orange cones all Read more

Dec 9 2019

The beauty about this truck, is that it will force the entire car market to change their car designs. 

Nov 26 2019

Gotta give props to dude for having the balls to call u up and open a dialogue. 

Nov 26 2019

1) I’m printing this out in it’s length and entirety to frame on my wall. This is some David Frost, Ned Brooks level history here.
2) Pete’s reply had me scrolling through my phone to see the footage of MH and PB duking it out on World Star Fight Comp of The Week. No such luck.
3) This was cathartic as fuck. It is true. Read more

Nov 3 2019

Im sorry but what in the actual hell is this article? A sperm? That’s a stretch, by a long shot.

Nov 3 2019

The Warren opening was really interesting as I did also feel it was really positive on her, which isn’t really necessarily a negative, but I also thought the show’s overall attitude on her has been all over the place. Although I think Warren is McKinnon’s best character impression in a while, she just works really Read more

Oct 19 2019

I’m sure this one will come with a tutorial that actually teaches you something. >.>

I love reading about the silliness that happens in Paradox strategy games but they’re so obtuse. I don’t really want to watch a youtube tutorial series or read a bunch of forum threads and guides just to be able to grasp how to play Read more

Oct 17 2019

Oh my goodness, no. I get so much personal enjoyment out of character-tweaking (Behave) that I can spend at least an hour or more creating a new one every time there’s a new game, or when I go back to an old favourite.

If I don’t know exactly what something does during a game, it’s something I can find out. If Read more