Feb 9 2018

I still have the Phaeton, but I’ve never owned a Passat W8. I’m not crazy!

Jul 25 2017

I needed to replace the wiring harness when I bought it, the cost of which was covered by the dealer that sold me the car. There have been a few regular wear-and-tear issues over the years, most of which occurred when I still had my extended warranty. The only really major issue I’ve had was back in 2013, when a Read more

Jul 24 2017

I’m fine, thanks. I just don’t post in Oppo as much as I used to. Come to Katie’s any given Saturday and you’re bound to see me. ;-)

Aug 22 2016

I never knew I needed this. Calling Cadillac to see how fuzzy the footwarmers are in the new CT6.

Aug 1 2016

When I worked at VW (2012-2014), parties like this were the norm. Always outrageous, always over the top, and always tens of thousands of dollars. And all this while my teammates were being laid off left and right. It never felt right. Now I work for an IT firm. Our last team-building activity was serving food at a Read more

May 10 2016

The engine in those Tercels is solid, but the body disintegrates like a piece of stale bread. My mom managed to keep hers for 13 years until rust completely ate the fenders away. That’s why most of them went to the scrapyard by the mid-90s. I wouldn’t call it a shining pillar of dependability.

May 6 2016

These FWD beauties packed, what, 93 horsepower?

Mar 14 2016

VW’s US headquarters is in Herndon, Virginia, but it also maintains an office in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Feb 19 2016

Guy had a full-on, freak-out nervous breakdown. Did he not have insurance?

Jan 7 2016

While I was never refused a parking space, I was given quite a bit of crap for driving a Mitsubishi when I worked at VW. Didn’t much matter that my other car was a Phaeton. A couple of Ford-driving coworkers didn’t fare much better.

Dec 3 2015

I had this condition once, about 3 years ago. Awful experience. The first two doctors just told me to put a hot washcloth on it. It wasn’t until I got to the third doctor that I was finally given the antibiotic that made me better. So painful and frustrating.

Nov 12 2015

Sure, on paper it won’t be for whistleblowing. But they will find something to fire you for.

Sep 28 2015

Mine has not been “piece of shit” mechanically. Quite the contrary. The maintenance that it’s needed over the last six years has been expensive, yes, but no more so than an S-Class or 7-Series of the same era.

Sep 9 2015

Thank you, $kay! That’s awfully nice of you.