David Daw
3:14 PM

I really should have made it clearer that the "Kubrick's ghost" comment was tongue in cheek. I know that Kubrick had a very similar ending in mind for the film but I don't think that really eliminates the problems with the ending or the weirdly sentimental streak in a coda that is, as another commenter pointed out, Read more

1:13 AM

@Bob Ramsey: This is actually way more interesting than the real plot of the comic (called Superman: Speeding Bullets) which is basically that Superman becomes Batman until he figures out that with his kind of power he can't fight from the shadows and becomes Superman.

4:03 PM

@Shostokovich: I considered including the Liberty Files because I really enjoyed it. I decided to cut it since, when it comes right down to it, those characters already existed during WWII (in the DC timeline anyway) and so it was as much a gritty espionage take on them than a full fledged alternate history. Then I Read more

1:50 PM

@collex: Totally in the works. There's a lot of AH fiction about England without Churchill for instance and quite a few histories where the French monarchy survives.

1:23 PM

@collex: I left out a lot of the recent ones just to not to stir up the political debate. I found about a dozen different takes on Al Gore's presidency for instance.

12:23 AM

@amygdala: I'm actually kinda an economics nerd which I think helped but the first two were written as one book and then separated. The pace DOES pick up afterwards.

5:09 PM

@Andrew Gutierrez: I love the DC Multiverse but all the elseworld comics histories are easily enough content for their own post. Expect to see Red Son, Age of Wonder and others on here eventually though.

6:35 PM

@Stunspot: I probably should have thrown in a reference due to Ben Franklin being mentioned but the Alvin Maker series always felt more like westward expansion alternate history to me. Don't worry, Alvin will get his due.

5:34 PM

With so many genuine examples of comics hating women why focus on ones that are a terrible stretch? Saying Civil War was about male anxiety of working for Maria Hill is like saying the actual Civil War was about the south not wanting a president with a beard. Read more