Jul 23 2019

that icon of theirs should have served as a warning.

Feb 2 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all this drama. Read more

Jul 28 2017

Finding ways to cut down on that [which the NRA won’t reject on principle] would be very useful. Read more

Nov 7 2016

Glenn Beck’s supporting Black Lives Matter and says that Obama made him a better man. Read more

Sep 24 2016

Hahaha, I love that two of us went straight for this image.

Sep 4 2016

Very good point.

Aug 16 2016

My good news sounds lukewarm, but it is not. Today was my 2nd day as a teacher and it was waaaaay better than the

Mar 10 2016

Those leeky scritches hold no water for me.

Feb 6 2016

In addition to the aforementioned Florence +the machine, allow mention the joy formidable:

Dec 2 2015

Don’t you support that, though?! This doesn’t seem to me like a case of mutually exclusive objectives battling it out. Seems consistent to me.

Oct 28 2015

Take a shower every day. Get some nice face wash and wash your face every day. Being depressed is no excuse for being filthy. Splashing a couple handfuls of water on your ass isn’t cutting it, you still stink. A shower doesn’t have to take 45 minutes, get a shower cap for the days you don’t need to wash your hair. Read more

Oct 7 2015

As someone with Autism, you do realise how offensive your statements about mental health are right? Calling someone “not right in the head” because they mild autism is incredibly dangerous as it encourages nasty sterotypes, assualt and bullying (shocker, most people with mental issues are the victims of crimes) and Read more

Oct 7 2015

Welp, you said it in significantly less words than I did. But yes, exactly.