Apr 6 2014

Sorry if you are only allowed to upload one, I don't know the rules...

Nov 6 2013

"crunching" is considered a bad business practice. It's bad for worker's health, moral, and social life. If a game is made through crunching then chances are that it also doesn't have a whole lot of quality assurance, so it could lead to a sub-par game, though that isn't always the case. Crunching has been a part of Read more

Nov 6 2013

People took it to mean that Crytek was celebrating how much overtime it's employees where working. 11,500 dinners at work means 11,500 dinners employees didn't have at home with their families.

Sep 19 2013

showed a lady friend. and shes like "why would a business do that..." I'm like... "Uhhh... its a video game..."

*her mind blown.... wont shut up now*

Sep 17 2013

GTAs have always lost my interest pretty quickly. If you want a sandbox game like GTA but done well that will hold your interest try Sleeping Dogs.

Sep 6 2013

I haven't read this comic yet, but I hope the next page was something similar to this.