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1 hr ago

I’m partial to the GTR-X too - it nearly made it to production, and would have been a pretty cool Z competitor (complete with 4-wheel discs and either a 3.0 I6 or 4.2 V8):

6:56 PM

Does that mean he pronounces the “uh” at the end of “douche”?

5:45 PM

Is that the nuclear reactor he is financing that is cooled by liquid metal? The scope of what Gates is trying to achieve AFTER he already built one of the most successful empires in modern capitalism is literally mind-blowing. Read more

5:28 PM

This whole race was a parable for Trump’s presidency. Endlessly going round in circles, making no progress, ending in a fiery, life-threatening wreck.

5:25 PM

Are we just ignoring the fact the Bill has always been into Porsche?  He, and his 959, are the reason we have the Show and Display law. Read more

5:19 PM

IDK every time I hear Musk talk, it’s pretty underwhelming. 

4:49 PM

You interpreted that incorrectly. Duke endorsed Trump in 2016. Trump said nothing. When asked about it, Trump said I don’t know David Duke, despite saying this in 2000: Read more

3:25 PM

Also, if any sport is gonna so openly embrace the retrograde politics of the right, it’s nice it’s the most boring “sport” ever created that I have 0 interest in watching. 

3:24 PM

I wonder what percentage of these mouth-breathing Nascar-loving Trumpsters are “stick to sports” types? 

3:05 PM

I know a certain Herb that will be deeply upset about this so-called blending of sports and politics. 

2:02 PM

I just think it’s fucking hilarious that Trump shows up and it gets rained out.  

2:01 PM

I saw this playing on Fox and instantly turned on Peppa Pig for my kid...and I hate that crudely drawn Peppa Pig.