Garland - Last Top Comment on Splinter
8:08 PM

You know what else fucks up the region? Abandoning our allies without reason or warning so they can be slaughtered by Turkey and thousands of imprisoned ISIS fighters can escape amid the chaos.

7:57 PM

Trump has really made a fucking mess this time. Our allies are getting slaughtered, ISIS fighters are running loose again, and now Russia is positioning itself to be a bigger player in the region again. Thousands of people displaced, the region destabilised more, and America’s position in the world further eroded—all Read more

7:45 PM

Do we really need to explain to you why it’s a bad idea to suddenly abandon an important ally who has done a lot of our dirty work cleaning up ISIS? We’ve demonstrated (yet again) that we’re a fickle and unreliable partner, our allies (the Kurds) are getting slaughtered by another of our allies (Turkey) with largely Read more

11:45 AM

I don’t understand how “he wasn’t charged severely enough” translates to “not charged at all and free to collect sizable pension.” That’s ridiculous. And for a literal drive-by! Over noise! You can’t tell me they were being louder than the gunshots from Officer Chucklefuck.

8:27 AM

This is the next step of that meme that shows Trump’s head (but only one of his chins) imposed over a young Rambo’s machine gun-toting ripped body.  One of the local MAGAts has a big vinyl banner of that image hanging on his garage door.

5:08 PM

I see no mention of the 1997 version of The Love Bug, starring Bruce Campbell and a wonderfully evil John Hannah. Or the short-lived TV show Herbie the Matchmaker.  I first became a Disney fan because of magical cars, damnit!

12:21 PM

I don’t know why more cars don’t have reverse-slant rear windows. More headroom, more roof to protect you from the sunlight, longer decklid for loading bodies into the trunk. Plus you can have that awesome Breezeway.