Erudita Vanitas
Sep 9

Just to put a big ugly bow on it, maybe Todd could do a surprise walk-on with Tina Fey on SNL.

Sep 9

Won’t somebody think of Trudge or Trog or Tarp or whoever the hell their children are?

Sep 9

I’m sure Bristol will be fine, but what about the other kids? What about Trig, Track, Truck, Taco, Tastee Freeze, Trigonometry (Trig’s younger brother), & Tattoo (the short kid)?

Sep 9

Congratulations to Todd Palin for finally living out his dreams and managing to secede from something.

Mar 12 2019

“Annnnd they’re off. Into the first turn is Mama’s Boy followed by Really, Him? and If Flour Was A Person. Now If Flour Was A Person is making their move, If Flour Was A Person is coming to the inside followed by No One Wants to Sleep with You and Another Privileged White Boy. It’s still If Flour was a Person, If Read more

Nov 13 2018

As a small-boobed lady, I’ve always hated Victoria’s Secret, mostly because every single bra is padded within an inch of its life and I could never fill out the bras the way the models did. I used to shop the Pink selection meant for teens, because the bras were less padded and actually fit me. Read more

Nov 13 2018

Oh, man, this hits me where I live. This was my coming-of-age, during the hey day of this kind of retailing (high school & college in the late 90s/early 00s), and there’s still a weird sort of internal pull toward Vicki’s (gawd) and Abercrombie when I’m at the mall, despite the fact that I never felt comfortable in Read more

Aug 28 2018

My husband is a staunch republican and lazy/irresponsible voter. If I don’t remind him to vote, he won’t. So I will be making my trip to the polls quietly come November. Read more

Aug 28 2018

Actually Ted Cruz is like a potato left in a slow cooker stored on top of a cabinet for a year. Read more

Aug 28 2018

We live in NY and we sent $50 and then another $25. Probably time to send some more.

Aug 28 2018

Y’all, I have, like, a teenage girl crush on Beto O’Rourke. We hugged once (well, side hug, like a Duggar) and I swear I got butterflies. He’s very, very handsome. Read more

Aug 28 2018

I think people should definitely temper their enthusiasm, but I also don’t think Davis (who polled an average of 17 points behind Abbott) is a meaningful comparison to O’Rourke (who is polling an average of 5.5 points behind Cruz, and with increasingly narrow margins since July). Ultimately Cruz is probably going to Read more

Aug 28 2018

Even if you don’t live in Texas, everyone please send Beto’s campaign $5. It’s worth skipping a latte or a meal to get the zodiac killer voted out of office.

Aug 14 2018

If he did, what will happen? He mocked a disabled reporter during the election. He openly mocked them for being disabled, and nothing happened. Ok, something happened, he was voted in as president by the Electoral College. There was a tape of him bragging about sexually abusing women, still voted in as president. As Read more

Aug 14 2018

They can guarantee there was no collusion, they can guarantee North Korea has stopped its nuclear program, they can guarantee there is widespread voter fraud, they can guarantee there is no human-caused climate change, they can guarantee Mexico is going to pay for a wall, they can guarantee there was no Russian Read more

Nov 16 2011

I'm going to my boyfriend's family's house. His mother has at various points in her life owned a bakery and a catering company (seriously, her chocolate chip cookies are at least twice as good as any others I've ever had, and we are not talking about a small sample size...and her carrot cake is just OMG). I am a Read more