Erudita Vanitas
Jun 13 2018

I need another Sarah Waters novel so badly. She has no peers. Do you have any similar authors you recommend for a Sarah Waters-ish fix?

Jun 13 2018

I’m afraid of the movie, and all horror movies, in a different way than the book, which fear I could manage by it being words on paper. And by focusing on the beauty of the writing, and reading at my pace. I just don’t think I can do this movie, despite being a huge Sarah Waters fan.

Jun 7 2018

“All those beautiful pearls, just destroyed. I should buy Melanie some pearls.”

Aug 14 2017

I’m fascinated by your description of the Tudor dynasty beginnings. Can you give me a little more information so I can fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole?

Sep 25 2015

I’m interested in more information about this. Lawd knows, it might be the most uplifting thing we could read all week.

Sep 1 2015

Give women the power to accommodate their own choices already. It is 2015, FFS. We can do these things (work and breastfeed). Some women have to. Give all of them the power to accommodate their choices.

Jul 29 2015

This article solved a mystery that’s been quietly bugging me for about 15 years! Who wrote that gorgeous little gothic mystery romance about the girl who arrived on the moors and pretended to be the disappeared heiress for money. “Oh your poor hands.” And there were horses and there was a gold cigarette lighter with Read more

Jul 23 2015

I have been busy! I joined the real workforce and picked some of my beloved hobbies up again. But I wandered back over to GT the other day and I think I might participate again. Especially with the election cycle. Read more

Jul 5 2015

That’s how I found this article just now! Amazing episode. I’ve been saving the episodes up to binge watch today.

May 28 2015

God, that scene. <3 The last time my friends and I all unanimously cheered in the theater like that was when Kaylee said “Hell with this, I’m gonna live!”

Mar 5 2015

Me too. In fact I'll be doing just that very thing this weekend. Cheers.