Apr 3

And the market dried up due to... financial market calamity and GM killing the original marquee? Hummer sales steadily increased in the 200x’s until... 2008. And, even stalwarts like the CR-V declined in 2009. Read more

Apr 3

I’m with you. It’s a brilliant marketing move by GM (a rare one at that). Take the symbol of American excess, and remove out the one thing that made it such an ostentatious glutton (its engine). People loved Hummers before things fell apart in the mid-aughts. This is giving them what they want, without the guilt or Read more

Apr 3

Eighteen years ago we were invading Iraq using Hummers, so we could get cheap oil, so we could fill up Hummers. If you had told me then that GM would be selling electric Hummers that had Lamborghini acceleration under twenty years later, I would have been in shock. Read more

Apr 3

11,500 foot pounds of torque? Is this by using 4-Low multipliers and stuff the same way it happens with normal engines? Or is this a normal thing with batteries? Read more

Mar 20

this isn't a useless fact because I am just now learning that low washer fluid warnings are actually a thing. technology is amazing

Mar 19

I’ve noticed this in a lot of movies too and it makes me want to pull my hair out every time. It is just so absurdly inaccurate and makes absolutely no sense. Want to communicate that a vehicle is a shitbox? Grab any $500 Dodge Neon off the internet. Problem solved! At least it will be accurate. 

Mar 9

Yes but not the iron cross. That comes from the factory.

Mar 9

And alienate their core demographic? Hell’s Angels no.

Mar 9

Will the dealers scrape off the confederate flag and swastika decals before selling them on, too?

Mar 2

I’m also thinking of apartment/condo dwellers that can’t bring their vehicle inside with them, nor do they have a way to charge it. They can just lock the bike outside, and charge the battery inside overnight.
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