You might be right for trucks and SUVs but in 2030 way more than 25% of new compacts, sedans, cuvs, and smaller cars will be electric. Most people don’t need a truck, and most people don’t drive >300mi in a day. There will still be ICE options for those that do need those things, but by 2050 they will be niche.

Here’s a prettier picture. Very easy to maintain weight distrobution. Can share a platform with an ICE drivetrain by designing the battery module & BMS to use the same attachment points and be the same physical size as the ice engine it replaces. Same with the rear subframe assembly, just make it bolt up in the same

Brave take. Electrification is the future. get used to it.

This assumes they would just replace the ICE engine with an electric motor in the same spot, which is dumb and inefficient. None of the existing driveline is required. No engine, no trans, no driveshaft, no diff. You put the electric motor in the rear in place of the diff. All of the space and weight that used to be Read more

Easy. Batteries will go where the engine and transmission are located. The electric motor will fill the space vacated by the removal of the rear differential and fuel tank.

Me: Mom, I want a Land Rover Discovery!

The only people who oppose Right-to-Repair are either
1. Corporations directly benefiting from a locked system or
2. Soft-hands ninnys that are jealous of others with more skills than them and want to require everyone to pay a guy at the dealer to strip every bolt in their engine bay to make up for their own shortcomings

Nascar has been EFI for years.

I do. Go comment in a different thread if you are not interested in NASCAR.

I thought it was a cool change. I hope they decide to go with it. As with anything in NASCAR, you need to draw attention to your car. Anything different gets noticed and gets airtime, and thats what the fans and sponsors like. This is especially true for the All-Star race, which feels a little under-hyped this year. Read more

Just to pile on. You are dumb as hell.

I second the Ford based Land Rovers, though I would only count the 4.4L cars, not the 4.2L. My LR3 has 192,000 and going strong. The thing is bulletproof. Don’t buy a pre-2006 LR or Post 2010. 2007-2009 are the years to get for the full size, the sport, and the LR3. Also skip the supercharged versions.

My hardest time was trying to sell my old Mustang when I was 1000 miles away from it’s location. My car was back in Wisconsin, My permanent address was Boston, but I was in Huston the week the person wanted to see the car. This obviously setup a very suspicious situation for the buyer. I had already signed my title

I understand Chrysler, but you are going to have to explain yourself on Dodge. The Challenger and Charger are still selling like crazy. I’m sure they are working on a new generation but what would be the point in releasing it while sales are still sky high on the old platform?

DT worshiping his “holy grails”:

As for great letters. My vote is for “SVO”. Ford and Land Rover both used these for some sweet hopped up version of their cars.

I’m all for electric cars, but I think we can all agree the “i” and “e” model names for electrics are dumb and boring. We get it. It’s electric. But that doesn’t mean you need to name it like we’re at an Apple store. i-Pace, Mach-e, etron, i8, Wrangler 4xe. Jesus it is like they let 8yr olds name these cars.

You’re in the minority. This new truck looks awesome. 

Who the F is watching shows like this? Is it only people without cable or internet?

Just make the switch. Life gets way easier. Win10 is WAYYY better than Mac OS. Signed someone who was a hardcore mac fanboy from 1999-2012. Started dabbling in Hackintosh’s to save some money and realized along the way that everything PC is cheaper and better.