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5 min ago

Dunes could be an area where it actually does well, so long as its weight/tires don’t beach it.

The power will get it up Test Hill without issue if it can keep its body off the sand.

10:47 PM

Right, a locked center diff would be no advantage at all if you have a motor on each axle.

And I agree, I could see dual motor EVs with solid axles. They’ll be great off-road. Significantly better than an ICE with lockers and solid axles? Eh, I’m not sure.

10:33 PM

In terms out outright off-road capability (i.e. the ability to traverse treacherous obstacles), I’m not so sure EVs will offer a huge advantage. ICE off-roaders have tremendous crawl ratios that yield loads of wheel torque even at low RPM, and they’ve got fully locked differentials ensuring that all wheels spin at the Read more

2:27 PM

Wow, the ol’ Burned Up Wheel Bearing safety mechanism.

Works every time.

1:31 PM

They run, but one has bad brakes and needs suspension work, one is probably going to burn to the ground if the transfer case keeps leaking on the cat (plus it has a bad cylinder head), and the other has a bent front axle.

So, that’ll probably take care of the issue.

9:49 PM

Just stay away from people; The backlog just gives you a motivational. Which can be helpful.

8:04 PM

This is actually true.

The Postal Jeep project was more work than all 10 of these vehicles combined, but I took care of that because I became obsessed. When I have one singular focus, I’m unstoppable. Ten? Ehhhh, I’ll get around to them eventually.

3:30 PM

The big issue is its price.

Why would I pay more for LESS rust? 

12:30 PM

I have other sources who agree that important program engineers are being cut.

The 2,000 figure comes from FCA. My phone is blowing up with people whose engineering teams have been cut down by 60-80 percent.

10:55 AM

I don’t subscribe to the idea that, just because those affected are contract employees, they should have known this could happen, and therefore this is somehow not as big of a deal.

When it comes to people losing their livelihoods, it doesn’t matter what color someone’s badge is, or what silly system a company has put Read more