Davey Alba
Apr 20 2015

How does streaming video hold up on it? Does it stutter?

Sep 23 2013

I mean, Lily, if you need me to buy more dish soap just say so.

Feb 1 2013

This exact same thing happened to me this afternoon. Same show, same commercial, same everything. Oy, Hulu.

Mar 11 2012

I was at the talk too, and it struck me when Denton said the people who often had the most interesting and important things to say tended not to be the ones wearing a star. (Didn't know that was his philosophy.) He said a star was like handing a student a badge for a job well done — so high school. Hah. Read more

Nov 23 2011

I disagree; I think Port Authority is the single worst place in New York City.

May 1 2011

Not my first post, but I thank you for the welcome! Generally, I prefer elephants to monkeys—they're adorable—but all the same, it's great to be here.