The Man With The Iron Fists isn't bad if you imagine Russell Crowe wandered on set and decided to be in a movie

Incidentally, this isn't too far from the truth. As reality would have it, Crowe (a main character in Iron Fists) spent all of ten days on set, channeling legendarily unhinged and deceased Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard. Said Robert "RZA" Diggs — the film's director and famed Wu-Tang producer — in the movie's

The wall of eyeballs that makes you go blind is our new favorite monster from Japanese mythology

We've discussed yōkai — or supernatural monsters from Japanese mythology — on io9 before, namely the disgusting, turtle-like kappa. But the yōkai artwork of Toriyama Sekien (1712-1788) will introduce you to some even weirder monsters from Japanese folklore, such as the mokumokuren (a blinding eyeball demon that dwells…